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Left Caps Lock on by mistake in Word or PowerPoint?

Have you ever inadvertently left Caps Lock on in either Word or PowerPoint, and have a length of text that has upper-case letters instead of lower-case ones and vice-versa? If you are using Office 2007,  Office 2010 or Microsoft Office … Continue reading

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Sorting data in Excel is messing up my rows!

I had a call from a client to say that several people were using the same worksheet, and somehow when the records were sorted, the records were no longer altogether with rows going astray. If you just click in one … Continue reading

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Formatting pasted information in Microsoft Word

Someone was copying information from one document into another Word document. The paragraph in the document to be added had shading round it, which was causing problems when copied over as shading was not wanted in the new document. When … Continue reading

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