Creating a table of contents in Microsoft Word

A table of contents can be used to help you find your way through a long document by creating links to headings throughout your documents. Word can do this most effectively if you use styles Heading1, Heading2 and Heading3 when creating headings and subheadings within your documents; when you activate the Table of Contents feature, Word attempts to build the contents table by searching your document for headings and then sorting the headings based on heading levels.

To create a table of contents if using Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier versions:

1. Click at the place in the document where you want your table of contents to appear.

2. Click Insert – Reference – Index and Tables. The Index and Tables dialog box will be displayed.

Index and Tables dialog box

3. Click the Table of Contents tab.

4. Select a format from the Formats drop-down list. Samples of the formats will be displayed in the Print Preview and Web Preview boxes.

5. If you don’t want page numbers showing in your table of contents, clear the Show page numbers check box.

6. If you want the page numbers to be aligned with the right-hand margin, check the Right align page numbers check box.

7. To select leading characters to be shown between the text and the page numbers, choose from the Tab leader drop-down list.

8. If you want the table of contents to be based on less than, or more than, three levels, select the appropriate number in the Show levels box.

9. Click OK. Your table of contents will be created.

To create a table of contents if you are using Microsoft Word 2007,  Word 2010 or Word 2013:

  1. Position your insertion point at the location in your document where you want the table of contents.
  2. Click the References tab, and in the Table of Contents group, click the Table of Contents dropdown.
  3. Click on one of the in-built styles; alternatively, click Insert Table of Contents, in which case the Table of Contents dialog box will be displayed.
  4. Proceed as from 4 above.
  • To move to a heading in your document, click on its entry in the table of contents.

Updating and modifying an existing Table of Contents

To update a table of contents, click before one of the headings in the table, then press F9. Select your required option from Update page numbers only or Update entire table. Click OK.

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