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Grouping and ungrouping worksheets in any version of Microsoft Excel

If you are going to want similar information in several worksheets in an Excel workbook, you can group the worksheets together, then any typing of labels, formatting and entering of formulas will be applied to all the grouped worksheets at … Continue reading

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Automatic captions in Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft Word 2010

Tables and figures can have captions automatically created for them. In this demonstration, we set it up for all tables in a document. Open a Word document. Click the References tab, then in the Captions group, select Insert Caption. The … Continue reading

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Windows 7 Taskbar hints and tips

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 7, you may be wondering where familiar buttons such as Show Desktop are now located. This is now a blank rectangle, at the very right of the Taskbar at the bottom of the … Continue reading

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