The Three Outcomes of Negotiation

Characteristics of Win/Win Situation (Situation Oriented)

Achieved by joint decision making and discussion, therefore:

  • meets needs of both parties
  • decision is not unacceptable to anyone
  • requires two-way communication
  • emphasis is on flexible approaches
  • concentrates on objectives
  • long-term  relationship is maintained

Characteristics of Win/Lose Situation (Domination) 

  • the creation of ‘us and them’ distinction between the parties
  • individual’s energies are directed only towards victory
  • own point of view only
  • strong emphasis on immediate solutions regardless of whether the long-term objectives are met
  • too many personalised conflicts
  • emphasis is on short-term concerns – long-term relationship is forgotten

Characteristics of Lose/Lose Situation

  • objectives of either party not achieved
  • disillusionment with the negotiating process
  • frustration
  • loss of respect/ trust from followers
  • long-term relationship soured
  • no solutions generated

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