Adding a cover page – Microsoft Word

You have a company cover page that you like to include at the front of documents and reports before sending to clients.

Open the document to which the cover page is to be added.

On the Insert tab, in the Pages group, click Cover Page.

From the dropdown, select the required style for the cover page; in this example we select the Pinstripe style.

The cover page is inserted at the beginning of the document.

Information that can be found by Microsoft Word, such as the title of the document and the author are already inserted into the cover page. To add additional information, click in the relevant field and type it in. In the case of the date, clicking in the section shows a calendar, and you can select the relevant date.

Any cover page can be adapted and added to the Cover Page Gallery for future use, ensuring a consistency for each report produced by the company.

To adapt a cover page, click on one of the drawing elements to be changed; in this case we have selected the top stripe, which we would like in a darker blue and slightly thinner. Click the Drawing Tools Format tab.

To change colour, in the Shape Styles group, click the Shape Fill dropdown arrow.

Select the required colour, in this case a dark blue.

To make the stripe thinner, drag upwards the white sizing handle which is at the bottom centre of the stripe.

Make any other design changes required, or if there is standard text which is always included on the cover page, or a company logo, that can also be added. When the cover page is in the form you would like for future use, select the entire cover page. On the Insert tab, in the Pages group, select Cover Page. From the dropdown menu, select Save Selection to Cover Page Gallery. The Create New Building Block dialog box opens.


Give an appropriate name to the cover page. If required, add a description such as when this particular cover page should be used. Click OK. The cover page is now added to the Cover Page Gallery for subsequent use.

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