Seven principles of negotiation

The seven principles common to all negotiations are:

  1. Two or more parties are involved needing each other’s involvement in order to reach some desired outcome. There has to be some common interest, either in the subject matter of the negotiation or in the context of the negotiation itself which keeps the parties in touch with each other.
  2. The parties start with different objectives which prevent the achievement of an outcome at least initially, even though a degree of interest is shared.
  3. The parties involved feel, at least to start with, that it is better to negotiate to settle their differences than force the issue.
  4. Each of the parties feels that they may be able to get the other party to compromise on their original position.
  5. Even when their ideal outcomes cannot be attained, both parties hope to reach an      acceptable final agreement.
  6. Each party has some influence on the other’s ability to act, even if this is indirect and bears on issues other than the direct subject of negotiation.
  7. Negotiation is done between people, usually verbally.

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