Presentation Skills – Posture and Movement

When presenting, confidence is usually expressed through excellent posture and movement.  How you carry yourself physically can reflect how you hold yourself mentally.

General tips on posture and movement:


  • Stand tall.  Poor upper body posture can often reflect low self-esteem.
  • Use the “ready” position.  When you are presenting and you want to express confidence, you should stand with your weight forward.
  • Be natural
  • Feet should be slightly apart
  • Find a comfortable position
  • Face your audience


  • Watch your lower body.  You can lose the audience’s attention if you do any of the following things for an extended period of time:
    • Shifting your weight back to one hip
    • Rocking side to side
    • Rocking back and forth on your heels and toes
    • Tapping your foot
    • Pacing or “wearing concrete shoes”.
  • Try not to fold your arms – it sends a negative message that you have a closed mind
  • Don’t slouch or sag
  • Try not to wave your hands around too much

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