Presentation Skills – Vocal Skills

Your voice is the vehicle that will carry the message of what you are presenting.  It is like two cars – you can have an old piece of junk that clatters along or a smooth, finely tuned machine.  Both will get you to where you are going, but the quality of the ride can vary greatly.

General tips on voice quality:

  • Be natural.  Don’t try to impersonate other speakers or announcers thinking that they have the perfect voice.
  • Use vocal inflection.  By introducing change to your voice, you can add variety and expressiveness to your training and it will help prevent a monotone voice. Good use of vocal inflection shows you audience that you are enthusiastic about your subject.
  • Vocal tone and quality counts for 38% of your message, according to research by the Journal of Counselling.
  • Rate – the speed at which you talk. A fast delivery can be used to excite and stimulate the audience. A slow delivery may help to emphasise your message, to inspire and to control.
  • Pacing – not just the speed at which you speak but also the length of pauses which can be used to create impact.
  • Articulation – how clearly and correctly you speak. You need to be able to pronounce words correctly and not mumble.
  • Volume – neither too soft nor too loud
  • Pitch – it is generally considered that it is better to have a lower-pitched voice.
  • Emphasis – Emphasising or stressing particular words within a presentation can be used to make your statements more persuasive.

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