Displaying Leading Zeros in Microsoft Excel

You may have a list of phone numbers, all starting with a zero, that you want to type in to an Excel spreadsheet.

By default, when you type a number starting with zeros in Excel any leading zeros are removed, so a number such as 0123 will be stored as 123.

To include leading zeros you need to format the relevant cells as text before entering the data.

To do this, select the cells where you will type your data.

Right-click and select Format Cells. The Format Cells dialog box will be displayed. Click the Number tab if necessary.

Select Category of Text. Click OK.

You can now type in your data, with leading zeros being preserved and displayed.

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I am a trainer of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Crystal Reports. I have called my blog "If Only I'd Known That...." because I hear it so many times in training sessions. In fact, if only I had a £100 (or 150 Aussie dollars)for every time someone says "If only I'd known that." ....
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