Microsoft Word – using the CreateDate field

If you are setting up a letterhead template you may want to insert the date, so that when the template is used, it inserts today’s date into the document. However, once you have created your letter and saved the document, you no longer want the date to change if you re-open the letter at a later date.

Start your template as required. When you get to the date, click the Insert tab, then in the Text group, from the Quick Parts dropdown, click Field. The Field dialog box will be displayed.

From the Field names box, click CreateDate.

In the Field properties section, click your preferred date format. Click OK.

Type in any other required information into you template. Click File – Save As. From the Save as type dropdown, select Word Template. Give an appropriate name to your template, then click Save. Close the template.

To use the template, click File – New. Click My Templates. Click on the required template, then click Create. Today’s date will be shown as part of the document. Once you save the document and re-open it, the date will stay the same.

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6 Responses to Microsoft Word – using the CreateDate field

  1. Maria Guerrero says:

    I tried using the create date on a document, saved it then opened it the next day and the date field didn’t update to the current date. It showed the previous date from the day before when I created and saved it. I didn’t save it as a template just a word document.

    • jdonbavand says:

      That is the whole point of createdate. It won’t automatically update.

      • Maria says:

        I want to use the same letter format and want the date to update when I open it, but to save as the updated/current date after I make changes to it, and not update when I go back and open it again. That part works fine. But when I go back into the original/ first document that I am using to make changes and send it to other persons, it still shows the creation date. I thought to myself “well maybe it will update when I right click it an click update “, but that just puts it back to the creation date. I thought that’s what CREATEDATE would do. Am I wrong, or am I not doing something right? Do I have to save it in another format (macro, template)? I really appreciate your help.

      • jdonbavand says:

        You need to save the letter as a template – from the Save as type dropdown choose Word template. To use the template, do File – New – then find the relevant template. If you let me know what version you are using, I can give you exact instructions. Janet

      • Maria says:

        I saved it as a template and it works. Than you so much for your speedy help 😀👍

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