Microsoft Word labels mailmerge problem – only getting one label per sheet

One or two clients have mentioned problems with creating mailing labels, using Word 2007 or Word 2010 mailings tab. Only one label is being printed on each sheet of labels.

To create mailing labels, from the Mailings tab, in the Start Mail Merge group, from the Start Mail Merge dropdown, click Labels. The Label Options dialog box will be displayed.

If necessary, change the Printer information detail. Select the name of the company whose labels you are using from the Label vendors dropdown, then select the relevant Product number. Click OK.

In the Start Mail Merge group, from the Select Recipients dropdown, select one of Type New List, Use Existing List or Select from Outlook Contacts. If required, locate where your list is o you computer.

If needed, click Edit Recipient List to choose specific people to create labels for.

In the Write and Insert Fields group, click Address Block and ensure the fields match what are required. Click OK.

In the Preview Results group, click Preview Results; you will only see one address per sheet of labels.

In the Write and Insert Fields group, click Update Labels. You will now see an address on each label.

In the Finish group, from the Finish & Merge dropdown, click Print Documents to print labels.

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19 Responses to Microsoft Word labels mailmerge problem – only getting one label per sheet

  1. Charanjeet says:

    Hello dear ,


    I am using Microsoft word 2007 and outlook 2007, when i tried to do mail merge on my word 2007 , it is showing option to send it manually 1 to 10 minutes , then i have click it again and again to send every single email , and it is taking a lot of time.
    For your information , i have already tried chaning the format from word to html, and also tried changing in outlook 2007 in trust centre (programmatic access )from Warn me TO Never warn me .
    when tried to send in plain text or attachement it is again showing the same option before me to do manual sending ( 1 to 10 minutes ) click it again and again to on ALLOW button.

    kindly email me the solution if you have this in your knowledge !!!

    I will be gratefull to you ..

    Thanking you

  2. I was having this exact issue when trying to import an Excel spreadsheet. I hadn’t used mail merge in MS Word is ages, your guide was short, to the point and got it all working. I was missing the update labels step. Thanks for the help, I just needed a nudge in the right direction!

  3. Susan Beiter says:

    What if “update labels” is grayed out?

  4. Debbie C says:

    My problem is with the update labels feature: using Office 2003 professional on Windows 7 machines. When you click update labels, it only updates the top 2 and the bottom 2. I cannot find any help on this problem anywhere. Ideas???

  5. Rich Greene says:

    I also had the same problem as Debbie, but in my case, only the top 3 and bottom 2 labels on each page printed. Could this have something to do with the “bookmark” issues that others had? I am trying to run on Windows 7 with Word 2007.

    • Richard Greene says:

      After trying several different options in Word, i checked further on the Internet…..Avery has FREE software that solved my problem, at least to a degree producing very, very satisfactory results. I still want the answer to the MS problem in Word, though. Interestingly enough, the Avery software uses Word almost exactly the same as the embedded Word programming.

  6. Tm says:

    I followed these directions. I hadn’t included the Update Labels step. When I did that, then all the labels showed up on the page on screen. AND … only one label prints per page.

  7. Lori says:

    How can I fix same name/address/ etc. of 30 label on each sheet but I can’t figure it out only one each name of 30 labels that i need? HELP!

    • jdonbavand says:

      On the Mailings tab, in the Create group, click Labels. Ensure it says Full Page of the same label. Type in the name and address. Select the right kind of labels by clicking the Options tab. Hope that works for you.

      • Lori says:

        no, I can’t go there as print options tab…Need something idea than Labels tab…..Thanks for the listen. Laser printer to big machine…I got 460 names/addresses that needs to be print divided 30.

  8. d says:

    You saved my sanity with 8 words “you will only see one address per sheet” After hours of struggle, I found your information. Incidentally, if Word had said “upLOAD instead of update, I would have been fine. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  9. Rena Spence says:

    Richard Greene, thanks for that solution!

  10. Denise Rhodes says:

    I have not seen a solution to the problem of only the first two and the bottom two labels updating in mail merge. I do not see where I can select the ‘full page’ option in mail merge.

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