Microsoft Word – setting the starting page number

Microsoft Word automatically starts numbering pages at page 1, but you can start page numbering at a different number. You may also want to reset your page numbers if your document contains a cover page or if you need a different numbering system for an appendix.

To set the second page of a document as Page 1:

  1. Click the Insert tab, then in the Header & Footer group, click the Page Number dropdown.
  2. Select Format Page Numbers. The Page Number Format dialog box will be displayed.

  3. From the Number format dropdown, select your preferred numbering style.
  4. Select the Start at option in the Page numbering section.
  5. Enter the required number in the Start at box – if you want the second page to be page 1, select 0. If you do not wish to see the page number on the first page, ensure you set to Different First Page in either header or footer depending where you want the page number displayed.
  6. Click OK.

If you want different page numbering in different parts of your document, e.g. you want roman numerals in an appendix, then you will need to apply section breaks to re-apply numbering. As you will see in the picture above, you have a choice as to whether to continue the page numbering from a previous section, or whether to start at a new number.

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