Using the Autofill Handle in Excel


If you want to input the months of the year into an Excel worksheet, just type in January, then move your mouse pointer to the bottom right of the cell until the cursor changes to a thin black cross (this is known as the AutoFill handle.) Drag with the mouse over adjacent cells and the rest of the months of the year will be input.

The same works for days of the week, Quarter 1, Week 1, 1st Prize, etc.

For numbers, Excel looks for a pattern, so enter the first two numbers in the series, select both of them and then use the autofill handle.

To input every Monday in the year, type in the first two, this year being 06/01/2014 and 13/01/2014, select both of them, go to the Autofill handle and drag – certainly saves going through the diary and typing!

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