Freezing headings in an Excel worksheet for easier scrolling


I don’t know about you, but I find it a great nuisance if I scroll down an Excel worksheet and cannot see the column figures as I often can’t remember to what the data refers. You can get Excel to always show the top row headings by freezing panes.

To freeze the top row in Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier:

  1. Select row 2.
  2. Click Window – Freeze Panes. Now when you scroll down the worksheet you will still always see the column headings.

You can also freeze both rows and columns, so that you can scroll vertically and see specific rows and can scroll horizontally and see specific columns.

To freeze both rows and columns in Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier:

  1. Select the cell which is to the right of any columns you want to freeze and under any rows you want to freeze.
  2. Click Window – Freeze…

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