Conditionally formatting a row based on the value in one cell in Microsoft Excel


If we have a worksheet where we want to format a row based on the value in a cell, for example, we want to highlight all rows where the invoice date is more than 30 days old.

In this case I want to highlight rows where the value in column C is greater than 30.

Using Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Excel 2010 or Microsoft Excel 2013:

Select the cell area to which the formatting should be applied. Do not include the column headings in your selection.

On the Home tab, in the Styles group, click Conditional Formatting, then from the dropdown, select Manage Rules. The Conditional Formatting Rules Manager will be displayed.

Click New Rule. The New Formatting Rule dialog box will be displayed. Select Use a formula to determine which cells to format.

In the Format values where this formula is true text box, type

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