Microsoft Excel – sorting data by one or more columns


You have sales data for a number of stores, categorised by regions. You want to sort the data so that each region is shown in alphabetical order, with the stores within each region being shown in descending order of sales figures.

Provided your data has no blank rows or columns click anywhere within the data.

Navigate to a cell in the table you want to sort.

 If using Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Excel 2010 or Microsoft Excel 2013:

From the Home tab, in the Editing section, click the Sort and Filter dropdown button arrow and then select the Custom Sort option.

 The Sort dialog box appears.

In this case, the data has headers, so keep the My data has headers box selected.

As we want to sort by region, select this as the first option in the Sort by dropdown. We want the sort in alphabetical order, so leave Sort…

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