Using Option Buttons in Word forms

If you are creating Word forms using the Developer ribbon, it is very straightforward to create checkboxes for respondents to select choices. However, they can select as many checkboxes as they like.

Sometimes you may only want them to make one choice, for example, they can only sign up for one category of membership, e.g. Bronze, Silver or Gold. In that case, you can ensure they only opt for one by using Option buttons and grouping them together.

From the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click on the Legacy Tools dropdown and then in the ActiveX section, click the Option  Option button2button.

Click Properties then type the name for the button in the Caption section.

Option button

Type a GroupName  for the button, e.g. MembershipType. Repeat this process for all required option buttons but using the same GroupName.

Users can then only make one choice.

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