Microsoft Excel – creating a work week series based on a Monday to Saturday working week

If you type in a date in Microsoft Excel and drag down, the subsequent cells will show subsequent dates and when you look at the Autofill options, you will see options for selecting for filling Days or Weekdays.

Date Autofill options

However, for some people they work Mondays to Saturdays.

To create a series based on a six day week with no Sunday working, type the first date into the relevant cell, format all required cells as Date, then in next cell down, type the formula

=IF(WEEKDAY(A1)=7, A1+2, A1+1)

where A1 can be changed to whatever cell the first date is in.

Using the fill handle, you can then copy down as required.

This will then create a series which includes Saturdays but not Sundays.

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