Microsoft Excel – creating bulleted lists

I had a client who wanted to use bullet points in a cell. This can be done by going to the Insert tab, then from the Symbols group, click Symbol, find a suitable bullet point and click Insert. However, that is a bit long-winded if you are in the midst of typing.

The keyboard shortcuts for bullets are from the numeric keypad Alt + 7 to give a black round bullet and Alt + 9 to give a round uncoloured bullet. To insert several bullet points, press Alt + Enter between each bullet.

Excel bullets

In the picture above the first bullet is achieved using Alt + 7 whilst the second is achieved using Alt + 9.

If you don’t have a numeric keypad, you can probably still find the Num Lock key somewhere on the keyboard. I have an Asus netbook – to enable NumLock , I hold down the Fn key while pressing NumLock. Once you have enabled NumLock, Alt + 7 and Alt + 9 should work as outlined above.

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