Microsoft Excel – finding process date using working days from end date

If I have a date in which an order has to be sent and I know the number of working days that it takes me to process the order, I may want to find out when I need to start processing it.


I can use the WORKDAY function for this. WORKDAY has the syntax:

=WORKDAY(start date, days, [holidays]), – if we want to include holidays we should include these by inputting them somewhere on our worksheet and selecting the relevant range.

Usually this function is used to find a future date; here we need to use it to find an earlier date.

So my formula in cell c2 becomes:

=WORKDAY(a2,-b2)       In this case I am not selecting holidays.


This shows the result as a number – the number of days since 01/01/1900.

On the Home tab, in the Number group, from the dropdown, select Short Date. This then shows the date at which I need to start processing the order. Double-click down to get the rest of the required start dates.


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