Microsoft Excel – date format of Monday 1 Jan 2018

I was asked whether I could create a date format of Monday 1 Jan 2018 and copy it down to Tuesday 2 Jan 2018 etc. This requires a custom format. However, I also found it required me changing my computer settings for Long Date in Date/ Time settings.

Access the Date/Time settings on your computer and find the setting for changing date and time formats – this will depend on which version of Windows you are using. For the Long Date, select dddd, d MMMM yyyy as this is the nearest to that required.

Now in Excel, select the cells to be formatted, and open the Format Cells dialog box at the Number tab. Select Long Date. Then click Custom. Adapt the setting to be dddd d mmm yyyy. Click OK.

Type into the first cell 01/01/2018 – it will be displayed as Monday 1 Jan 2018. You can then use the Autofill handle to fill in the rest of the dates.

dddd – shows day of month in full

d – shows 1st digit of day

mmm – shows month as Jan, Feb, etc.

yyyy – shows year in full

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