Crystal Reports – using Propercase but with some words needed in lower case – for example Wired for Sound

In Crystal Reports, if the data coming into a report is a mess of upper, lower and proper case, you may well want to convert the field using the function PROPERCASE. However, on doing so, you may find there are one or two that still look strange – for example ‘Bikes And Trikes’ may look better as ‘Bikes and Trikes’, etc. Decide which words you want to still be in lower case, for example, ‘to’, ‘and’, ‘for’ and ‘the’.

Proper case

In the example above, I have created a formula which converted my original customer name to proper case. I then use cstr to convert the resulting formula to a string.

To take into account that there may be a string where and is part of a word for example Bikes of England, when looking for a particular word in the string I have included spaces on either side of the word.

In the screenshot below, the Proper case column is to the left and the column to the right shows the result using the formula above.

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