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Microsoft PowerPoint – changing default font and font size in text boxes

I was asked by a client yesterday about whether she could change the default size for text within text boxes. In the most up-to-date versions of PowerPoint, the default font is Calibri, size 18. However, many companies expect employees to … Continue reading

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Report Writing – Defining the Purpose of a Report

It is vital to be clear about the purpose of the report:  –       What do you want to achieve? –       What response do you want from the reader? –       What are your ambitions in producing this report? Is the aim … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports – inserting missing field headings into page headers

When you drag a field into the Details section in Crystal Reports, the field name will automatically be placed in the Page Header. Occasionally you may place a field in the wrong section of a report and then realise, you … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word – fine-tuning text on mailing labels

When you create mailing labels in Microsoft Word, you may find that the text for the Address block ends up with double spacing. To get round this, before starting your labels, go to the Home tab and in the Styles … Continue reading

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Microsoft Excel – creating a 2-D map

In the newest versions of Microsoft Excel it is possible to produce 2- and 3-D maps of geographical data. In this blog post, I look at creating a 2-D map; in a future one, I will discuss 3-D maps. In … Continue reading

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