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Crystal Reports – number of working days from Today

A client recently asked how he could work out the number of days between a particular date field and today’s date. The answer partly depends on whether the field you are using is actually a Date field or a DateTime … Continue reading

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Microsoft Access – having Switchboard form open automatically

You may have created a Switchboard form to allow users to navigate an Access database more easily. To have the switchboard open on startup: From within the database, click File – Options. Click Current Database. Select Switchboard from the Display … Continue reading

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Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables – Preserving formatting when refreshing

I had a client who found that she had spent time getting column widths to her satisfaction when she had created a pivot table. However as soon as she refreshed the data the column widths changed, which she found annoying. … Continue reading

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Sending an email mailmerge to Outlook contacts

If you want to send an email mailmerge to your Outlook contact list: In Word, go to the Mailings tab. From the Start Mail Merge dropdown, select E-mail Messages. From the Select Recipients dropdown, click Select from Outlook Contacts. You may … Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook – adding a picture or logo to a signature

To add a picture or logo to your Microsoft Outlook signature: Within Outlook, click File – Options. Click the Mail tab. Click the Signatures button. Click New. Type in a name for your signature. Click OK. Type in the required … Continue reading

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