Microsoft Excel – XLOOKUP function – returning data from non-contiguous columns

In my recent blog on the XLOOKUP function I showed how useful it was rather than using the VLOOKUP function.

When training XLOOKUP recently, I was asked if it could return data on columns that were not next to each other.

Yes, you can, but it also involves using the CHOOSE function.

In the example below, the original column order was Wine Number, Wine Name, Quantity and Price:

I want to return Wine number, Price and Quantity – wine name Semillon 2009 is in cell G13, so I am putting my cursor in cell H13.

Going to XLOOKUP, the relevant syntax is

=XLOOKUP(lookup_value, lookup_array, return_array, [if_not_found],[match_mode],[search_mode])

In this example, we need cell G13 for the lookup value and $B$2:$B$10 is the lookup array.

It is the return array that is more tricky. The CHOOSE function allows us to specify the order of columns so I need CHOOSE({1, 2, 3}, $A$2:$A$10, $D$2:$D$10, $C$2:$C$10). We want to return 3 columns, that is why the CHOOSE function has the 1,2,3; the squiggly brackets indicate that we are returning an array of three columns.

So my formula is:

=XLOOKUP(G13,$B$2:$B$10,CHOOSE({1,2,3},$A$2:$A$10,$D$2:$D$10,$C$2:$C$10),”Not in stock”)

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