Microsoft Project – assigning work as overtime

If a resource is overallocated in a project plan within Microsoft Project, one of the ways to get round the overallocation is by assigning the work as overtime work.

To assign work as overtime, from within the Gantt Chart, click on the task that you want to allocate overtime work to, go to View and then in the Split View details, check the Details box. The Task Form will appear at the bottom of the screen. Right-click to the right of this form and click Work.

Having previously looked at the Task Usage view, I know that the Project Manager is overallocated by 2hrs work as they are supposed to be at a meeting at the same time. I therefore enter 2h into the Ovt. Work field and then click OK.

The Project Manager is no longer overallocated and when I look at the Task Usage or Resource Usage tables on a daily basis all looks fine. However, the client I was working with has short projects and looks at durations in terms of hours. When we do this it looks as though the Project Manager is working 3 hours between 11 and 12 on one day! For most people’s purposes it probably doesn’t matter where the overtime is shown but it may do from time to time.

Trying to move the numbers in the Work cells has no effect.

In a case like this, do not enter Ovt. Work in the Task Form. Instead in either the Task Usage view or the Resource Usage view we need to add the Ovt. Work field. To do this, right-click over the right-side of the window and from the pop-up menu, click Detail Styles.

From the Available fields list, select Overtime Work and click Show. Click OK.

We can see at exactly what time Project thinks the Project Manager is overallocated. Now we can move things in the Work cells to our own devices.

I have now moved the additional work to the end of the day. It still shows as being overallocated but I have made a judgement call as to when in the day the extra work should be done.

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